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ringtones and fanfiction

well, maybe all of you has already watched eps 9 of can! jani.
i've just watched this show and no i'm not going to make review i'll just give you ringtones, hehehe
i'm sorry lately i've been spamming this comm with ringtones but for this show i cant help myself to not make ringtones from ryo'reaction. he's reaction really amuse me, hehehe
so i'll give you ryo's and hina's various oishi-umai reaction, hehehehe...
(sorry for bad english, ^-^V)

here the links-->> http://ohryouchipi.livejournal.com/24193.html#cutid1

88888888 fanfiction 88888888
Title : Unrequited Love
Pairing : RyoUchi, slight Akame & RyoTego
Other Cast : Yamashita Tomohisa, Ikuta Toma, Shirota Yuu, Kanjani8
summary : Love doesn't always can be together.
Warning : Girl!Uchi, Girl!kame, Girl!Tegoshi, Language Indonesia
part 1-->> http://ohryouchipi.livejournal.com/21453.html#cutid1
part 2-->> http://ohryouchipi.livejournal.com/21508.html
Tags: fanwork: fanfiction, music: ringtones

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