kanjani_moddy (kanjani_moddy) wrote in kanjani8,

Subbing Release Updates!

Hello Kanjani8 subbing communities! Due to the results from this post's polls, we have decided to try out the monthly advertisements/subbing updates. First update will be the 8th of this month!

Want to advertise your latest subbing releases on our monthly update posts? Then comment here with your monthly updates!


  • You must submit a link to a public post in your community with your latest releases in a comment on this page. You may just list what your releases are and we will identify to the community whether your community releases are locked or not.
  • Any subbing community may submit, locked or unlocked.
  • If you post public or temporarily public releases, you are still free to post your releases as you wish to the main community. You are free to also advertise them in the monthly updates. Locked releases are still not allowed to be posted directly to the main community.
  • Monthly updates will be posted after the new community advertisements are updated, which will be the 8th of every month. If you submit after that, then your releases will be posted the following month.
  • You may choose whether you want to advertise your releases or not. If no subbing communities post their releases, then the main community will still receive monthly posts, but just of community advertisement updates.
  • Feel free to ask if things are still unclear!

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