Write it as a dream, read it as a goal. (ayu_t) wrote in kanjani8,
Write it as a dream, read it as a goal.

Fic - All our memories [Epilogue]

Title: All our memories ~epilogue~ { are stronger than oblivion }
Pairing: Shibutani Subaru x Yasuda Shota
Genre: romance
Rating: PG
Summary: The future is bright for both Subaru and Shota. And, of course, birthdays and anniversaries are essential for them.
Notes: A huge THANK YOU in neon letters for rainy_fruit!
This is dedicated to all the people who read my fic and left comments :) Thank you very much, once again ^^ Did you really think it was over? Haha! I was dying to tell you since the first day, but I was determined to keep this as a secret until I posted chapter eight. Now you can enjoy it as a final present~

Tags: fanwork: fanfiction

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