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Montreal Fans!

hey there everyone!!
this is a post calling JE fans from Montreal!

This weekend, if you don't already know, it`s Otakuthon! an anime convention at the Palais de Congrès near ChinaTown in Montreal.

Last year, my friends and I decided to host a JE panel and since it was a hit, we're back again this year! 8D
With a shorter yet bigger panel! (we wanted two hours but they wouldn't let us because of the scheduling)

SO. For those who were there last year, I hope you had enough fun to want to come back haha And for those who didn't come, you are more than welcome!

We have a bunch of games lined up this year as well and with bigger prizes, including official goods that one of our panelists bought when she went to Japan =O

According to the schedule and unless there is a big change, the JE panel (bilingual) will be at :
3pm on SUNDAY in room 522ab

also, if you'd like, one of my co-panelists and I are hosting a Jdrama panel (in french) with another friend of ours on friday =) it would be fun to meet JE fans there too =) that panel will be at :
6pm on FRIDAY in room 522ab

so come and bring friends! it's going to be great!
and who knows, maybe YOU will leave with official goods in your hands without paying an arm for shipping =O

you can also go and join je_montreal ! it's the official community for our JE panel =3

hope to see you there!

if you're interested in seeing clips of the panel from last year, you can find a video one of our attendees posted on youtube =)

x-posted everywhere! >< sorry!!
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