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[one-shot] Yoko To The Rescue (Yoko/Hina)

banner by bulibulipsycho

Title : Yoko to the Rescue (one-shot)
Pairing : Yokoyama Yuu/Murakami Shingo - implied Baru/Yasu
Rating : NC-17. wow, i wrote smut!
Genre : Romance / smut / a wee bit of angst.
NB : Dedicated to bulibulipsycho, who made the oh-so-great-banner and gave me the idea of the place thanks to her amazing scans of Kai's photos. Also, long time since I wrote real smut, and first time writing Hina, so don't mind the fail. Unbeta'ed. But I'm proud of my story.

( - The call his team-mate gave him is making his brain itch with curiosity, not to say a little bit of amusement and another feeling which he doesn't really know how to explain. - )
Tags: fanwork: fanfiction

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