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Eito on twitter

First of all: happy kansai debut aniversary, Kanjani8!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

!!!!   I Don't know if I can use "tanjoubi" for this kind of aniversary, but whatever.

Second:  I decided to do a Kanjani day on twitter just like Arashi fans do it.
And I was doing it pratically all by myself and I tought: "This is a great way to advertise the band", since everybody is using twitter these days. The more people using it the better, so let's tag our posts on twitter!!!

I initially thought on their birthdays, but we can do it on important days like DVD realese and so >.<
The tags:

Day 08/25 e 09/22 #kanjani8day
Day 09/10 #uchiday
Day 09/11 #yasudaday
Day 09/22  also #subaruday
Day 11/03 #nishikidoday
Day 11/26 #maruday
Day 01/26 #hinaday
Day 05/09 #yokoday
Day 05/16 #ohkuraday

About the names, that is what I initially tought. It's kind of complicated to use huge tags due to the 140 caracters per post. But that can be change, I accept sugestions.

Tags: celebration posts, k8 fans, other, promo

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