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More informations about Hina's role in My girl (added more)

Murakami Shingo of Kanjani∞ will play a supporting character in Aiba Masaki's first lead drama, My Girl. He will play the daycare teacher where Masamune's (Aiba's character) daughter Koharu stays at. His character's name will be Shibata Tomoya.

There are more details on My Girl's OHP (see source 2) and the comments of Aiba and Hina upon knowing they'll be co-stars.

source 1 source 2

it was initially rumored to be tsubasa of tackey and tsubasa but then changed into hina and now it's confirmed!

Credit to [info]mutekinonna


“My Girl” web site updated. Shingo Murakami of Kanjani8 shows up as strong helper in the first serial drama starring Aiba of Arashi! He challenges a roll of kindergarten teacher who watches the principal roll starring by Aiba and his daughter! Dream collaboration of Arashi and Kanjani8 after “Uta no Onisan” aired Jan 2009 on TV Asahi.

Murakami plays a teacher of kindergarten where Masamune’s (Aiba) daughter attends; it’s the original roll not in the original comic. At first he’s distrustful of what Masamune raise the child properly, he warmly watch for Masamune’s diligent attitude that sometimes gets flustered of nurturing. And in the story Tomoya’s secret discloses!

Murakami’s comment “It is after long time costar with Aiba-chan, I hope to enjoy it.” Aiba-san talks about playing with Murakami-san, “As I’m same generation as him and he’s a good mate of mine before Arashi. We used to go shopping together. We hardly play together recently, I talk to me to go have a dinner together so absolutely realize it.”  

Credit to:
Yamakaze _

Is that why Aiba visited Recomen last week?

Well, shibata-sensei...

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