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[translations] Sanbaka - Wink up - July 2002 and other bits 8D

I bring some translations 8D♥
Actual articles: 0908 Potato - Eito no Anone (Yasu x Tatsu), 0909 Potato - Eito no Anone (Yoko x Tatsu), 090822 TV Guide - Yoko (500 characters interview), and 0207 WU - Sanbaka (crosstalk!)
WU Dengonban (message boards): August and September
Lots of offshots: 0908 Potato, 0908 WU, 0907 Popolo, 0602 Duet, 0909 Popolo, and 0910 Popolo.
Lastly, two WU articles of the Veterans (Kansai Jr.s) with mention of Eito while on tour: August and September
(I've skipped linking to all the Uchi ones I've done, but if you're interested, there's a translation index at my sidebar you can check ^^)
Tags: translation: magazine

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