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it's kinda off topic, but hope it's allowed, because it's kanjani8 related somehow.
i have a really really really big request. or whatever. please help me if you can ):
The fact is that i'm tooooo LAME. I know the clubboxx thing. And I'd like to - i mean REALLY - download things from gachapin. I know it's a common subject.. I've already read things from installing and registrating, but i still cant.
And i'd like to ask someone who can download from Gachapin to help me. I dont mean like write the steps, but talkt to me on MSN (or skype. nothing else) and help me step to step. I KnOW it's a very big request, but if someone could... 
You know because she uploads everything in HQ and also Kanjani8 things too. *she wants the hokkaido sp badly*
Well.. thank you in advance.
my msn adress:


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