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Kanjani8 dating??

Subaru has a girlfriend! Statement or question?  This is my first post.... and it won't be that prodictive but since I'm really curious and kind of sab, I need to ask you people and tell me what you know about the subject: Does anybody know about the Eito having girlfriends? 

Recently I post this thread in a forum about Kanjani8 dating and what I found out was that Subaru is been going out with a girl for 3 year or more already!!! 
Yokon had a girlfriend. Recently there was a rumour about Yoko went to a love hotel with two more girls, but they could not enter the hotel because "three people were not alowed"...
There's also the rumour of Ryo and his gold ring. He wears it in his right hand like if it was and engagement ring. Here's a recent pic:
"Kanjani8's Ôkura has been seen on a date with former Salon model A in a private movie theater in Azabujûban" This one is from Hadaka's site.

I got this info from a friend (She read some in Josei Jonan *subaru* and found out about Ohkura in Hadaka's site) the Ryo info is from a Forum. 
This is what I know... Basicaly I'm kind of down specially because of Subaru's news... Am I being too sellfish? But what if he gets married soon???
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