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Fanfic.. My first!

Well... since I didn't find any RyoBaru fanfics and I personally adore this coupling I decided to write a fanfic with them. So be gentle, I know is sucks, but please look forward for the rest of it... :D
Title: Us...
Pairing: Nishikido Ryo& Shibutani Subaru
Rating: Safe for now... The ending... not that safe anymore :D
Genre: Romance/ angst
Description: They both expected a perfect love, but what they got was a lot more than they could take:

“Somewhere in this world there is a person who is waiting for me… A person who loves me without even knowing it yet… My most treasured person…  And for that person’s sake I will do my best… I will try as hard as I can, so that when I will finally meet her I will be able to make her happy… To make US happy.”



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