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Us... (Part two)

Ok, since the exam is over (and failed) I finally had the time to finish the next part of the fanfic. Yoroshiku!
Title: Us...
Pairing: Nishikido Ryo& Shibutani Subaru
Rating: Safe for now... The ending... not that safe anymore :D
Genre: Romance/ angst
Description: They both expected a perfect love, but what they got was a lot more than they could take:

“I have always felt the need to touch, to say a word, to see the other person's smile. I just

never could. I need you to reach me with your hand and to never let go of me, or I will once

again lose everything I have in this world. I'll lose you. And I could not bear anymore with

the same destructive pain and suffocating silence. I need your voice now, I have become addicted

to your touch. I need you to save me.


Tags: fanwork: fanfiction

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