kimilicious (kyotoroxies) wrote in kanjani8,

K8 Goodness :D

Hi everyone!! *waves*

I uploaded some stuffs, please feel free to take them. Not much though. Enjoy!

K8(minus Subaru) talked on radio about their first kiss! I guess this is from early 2005 because Uchi was there too ^^Y
Quality : Clean and clear ^^Y
Link --> 1.Rapidshare

Chibi Subaru and Chibi Ryo sang song from Bump of Chicken. Ok, there was chibi HasegawaJun and IkutaToma too.
Quality : Okay-ish to Not-so-okay-ish (I have no idea how to fix it)
File Format : mpg
Link -->

Chibi Shota and Chibi Ryo in weather forecast CM
Quality : Same with the 2nd one
File Format : mpg
Link -->

K8 in Mecha Ike Un-aired scenes- the one when they dressed up as Yakuza
File Format : mpeg
Link -->

I wanted to upload more, but sendspace seems to hate me so much!! GRRR *kicks*
Tags: clips: others, music: mp3s

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