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Pink ranger

for Uchi birthday i made picspam with theme pink because Uchi is pink, include uchi, ryo, Ryouchi and eito in pink

kochi kochi to pinku

for me Uchi will always be kanjani8, and i wish all the best for him.

and some ryouchi fics for Uchi birthday.
tittle : unrequited love english ver~~~
author : me
beta : chika1611 *thanks you very much*
pairing : ryouchi, slight akame, and ryotego
other cast : yamashita tomohisa, shirota yuu, ikuta toma, and kanjani8
summary : Uchi fall in love with ryo, but is he felt the same?
『☆#%◎※・・・』 Yeah… "☆#%◎※…"

tittle : Share our heart..(i'm not sure either, T_T)
author : me
pairing : ryouchi, slight Subassan
cast : kanjani8
summary : ryo finally realize that he love uchi, but Can he win uchi's heart back?
A/N : it's was sequel of unrequited love and this is Ryo's POV, and it's un beta-ed, english is not my language so there's lot grammer error
and this is Birthday fic for Uchi.
Share our heart

Tittle : That’s stupid cake make me jealous
Author : Me and Kaoru-chan hiryochan
Beta : TJ spread_da_love, thank you so much TJ
Pairing : Ryouchi, YamaChi (KoyamaUchi) *only friendship*
Rating : PG-13
Genre : i dont know, crack or fluff???
Summary : Hiroki is lonely and ask kei-chan to accompany him, and uchi made cake for kei-chan and that's made Ryo jealous. (i'm suck at summary,T_T)
“I baked it for Keii-chan, actually.” Ryo stopped eating.

tittle : Bungee jumping? Are you Kidding me->English ver~
Author : Me (Micchi)
Pairing : Ryouchi
Fandom : Kanjani8 and News
Beta : chika1611
Genre : PG-13, crack (at least i try to make it crack but i dont know if i success)
Disclaimer : i own nothing except the story
Summary : Ryo and Uchi in Macau, Uchi for work and ryo just accompany Uchi there. and for killing his fear to going to dentist Ryo planning to do bungge jumping and he doesnt want Hiroki now bout it, but unfortunately Hiroki being Hiroki finaly knew bout Ryo's plan and Hiroki doesnt agree with him. will ryo ended up doing bungge jumping??? (sorry, i'm suck at summary)
“What the hell is this? Bungee jumping? Explain yourself Nishikido Ryo!” Hiroki snapped.
Tags: fanwork: fanfiction, picspam

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