viki (gekkouw) wrote in kanjani8,


doumo eighters!
now i'm here for requesting something if it's not problem >_<
I was looking around on IndexJEVideos, and found some subbed Recomen, and there was an ep. where they called Yasu and they talked about Watashi kagami. (...i think?) the date is 31.05.2007. The link for the video is here. And i was soo happy to find it with sub, but ANY of the links work, you know >_< not MF, not MU, not even the youtube links. So i was wondering if someone has it, could you please upload it for me? *.*
And also Subaru's one (21.06.2007) But i already saw this on youtube, but i would be happy if i could download this too.^^
Thank you in advance!!!
Tags: radio shows, requests

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