paaaaan (paaaaan) wrote in kanjani8,

[J-Web] New Series called "KURA'YAS"

Ohkura and Shota have started a new series on J-web (Johnny's mobile site) called "KURA'YAS" The title comes from "KURA'MAS" which Ohkura wrote for a while around Christmas time. The logo of "KURA'YAS" has the "MAS" crossed out and has "YAS" over it, haha. It's very cute! Kura is in kanji (倉).

It seems like they'll be updating frequently, so I will only be translating Shota's entries. All my translations will be tagged "kurayas" so please come check it out every now and then :-) 

I have translated Shota's first entry, which was updated today (Sept. 17th) at 12:00pm -

Tags: translation: other

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