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[J-Web] Translations to KURA'YAS Ohkura's entries

I have decided to translate Ohkura's entries on KURA'YAS as well, haha. I have translated his first 7 entries (in his first two days!!) so please take a look if you are interested!

(edit) He also updated #008 at noon on Sept. 19th.

The translations to Shota's first two entries can be found here:

#001 -
#002 -

They are very cute! :-)

Also, as additional information, Kanjani8 will have a new TV show called "KANPANI"

I think Can!Jani will be replaced by this one, since I've heard that the show is ending at the end of September. It's definitely something to look forward to because they will be making songs and jingles and playing games!! Fun stuff!!
Tags: translation: other, tv: kanpani

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