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Introducing The Broccoli Test (with bonus fanfic)

As far as I know, the so-called "broccoli test" isn't well-known in jpop fandom - which I think is a shame, because it's a lot of fun. :-) Basically, it's just the question:

If your OTP characters are in different parts of a grocery store but have visual contact, can A convey to B – without shouting – that A wants B to pick up some broccoli?

This can be a telling measure of the guys' rapport (or characteristic communication problems, as the case may be). It's also just fun to speculate. *g*

For example, this is my attempt to show - in the form of fanfic - how things might play out for Ryo and Junno.

The Broccoli Conundrum: Junno and Ryo
(No warnings, no rating, just broccoli. Quick beta by solo - thank you again!)

Do they pass? Do they fail? Take the poll!

What about your favorite Eito, and/or other guys? Do they pass or fail the broccoli test? Write! Tell me! Ask all your friends! For the love of broccoli! :-)
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