abcde (murasaki_anna) wrote in kanjani8,

Okura's Dad!

Most Okura fans are probably aware that his Dad (Okura Tadashi) is the boss of a chain of Izakaya (like a bar where food and drink is cheap) called "Torikizoku" across Japan.

Anyway I was just looking on the site and I came across a picture of Okura's Dad himself (which I didn't notice last time I went on the site)
*see here for the original webpage*

There is also a link on the website to his blog called "The boss's yakitori diary" where he writes about things related to Torikizoku, such as new store openings and items on the menu.

I don't know if these links have ever been posted (and they don't have much to do with Tacchon except for that its his Dad...), but feel free to delete this post if they already have. I just thought it was interesting to see what his Dad looks like!

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