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NAB Awards 2009

Since nobody posted this yet...

"ARIGATOU, OKAN" has won the Award of Excellence from the Japanese Commercial Broadcasting Union in TV Drama category for the period of October 2008 to September 2009.

Congratulations Subaru, Hina, actors and actresses, staff and crew of the drama! XD

テレビドラマ番組 Here's the website.

Note for the curious ones:

The top-most award is the Most Excellence Award which was given to WOWOW's Soratobu Taiya. The other 3 dramas which won the Excellence Award togwther with "Arigatou, Okan" are FujiTV's "BOSS", TV Tokyo's 45th Anniversary Drama SP "Haru Saraba", and Tokai TV's 50th Anniversary Drama SP "Nagaiki Kyousou!".

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