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[fanworks] a fic + some graphics

Title : Stay (one-shot)
Pairing : Maruyama Ryuhei/Murakami Shingo - implied YokoYasu and SubaChon
Rating : PG-13. i think.
Genre : Future!fic / Romance / Angst.
NB : Long time since I wrote anything good. Here's my latest burst of imagination. It's a bit sad, but well... Maru-centric. Unbeta'ed. Inspired by the song "Stay", by Sash!

( - Rumours about Kanjani disbanding are soon more than rumours. They are true. Not that any of the members actually wants to disband, but Johnny Kitagawa decided so. Maru is the most traumatized by this, silently leaving Kyoto and renting a place in Osaka. - )


Also, I made a few icons and banners, a while ago, for Subaru's birthday.

[ - Graphics this way! - ]

✖ samples ✖

Tags: fanwork: fanfiction, fanwork: icon

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