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Kyuu☆Jou☆Show!! writing credits

I did a little research, and to anyone's interested, here are some info on what the songwriters have done in the past.

01 Kyuu☆Jou☆Show!!
Song & lyrics by TAKESHI
Writing credits for Kanjani8:
 - Jounetsu Party
 - fuka-fuka Love the Earth
 - All of me for you (lyrics)
 - Heavenly Psycho (lyrics)
 - Cool magic city (lyrics)

02 Brilliant Blue
Song, lyrics & arrangement by Hayama Hiroaki
Has written songs for Rina Chinen, Arisa Mizuki, SPEED, hiro (SPEED), Eriko Imai (SPEED)' w-inds., Ryuichi Kawamura (LUNA SEA), Nakanomori BAND, Namie Amuro (I WILL)!

03 cinematic
Song & lyrics by Mashiko Tatsuro
Writing credits for Kanjani8:
 - My Last Train
 - words
 - Sayonara wa Itsumo
Has also written for Hitoto Yo, Nakamori Akina, Kinki Kids (Harmony of December!), Hiromi Go.
Interesting fact: Hitoto Yo's songs, Morainaki and Hanamizuki both became really big hits!

04 Hitotsu no Uta
Song, lyrics & arrangement by Oonishi Shogo
Wrote 413man for Yoko and arranged for Rolling Coaster. He's pretty new to Kanjani8.

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