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[Request] RECOMEN episode with guest Ueda Tatsuya of KAT-TUN

Hello, this is my first post and it happen to be a request. I hope I can fidn it here.

Not to long ago (well maybe a long time ago) I happened to have heard a raido broadcast of Ueda Tatsuya with Yoko on his radio show RECOMEN. I can't remember if he was alone or with one other member of KAT-TUN (probably Nakamaru or Kamenashi). I can't remember much of what happened on the show, but Yoko did mention Tacchon and how he said that Tacchon wanted to start working out and that he should ask Ueda (since he works out a lot). There were translations to this episode.

I can't remember if I downloaded  it or if I foudn it on youtube, but it anycase, there was a video to it. Can anyone help me?
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