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[one-shot] Incomplete + Night Calls

Title : Incomplete (one-shot / songfic)
Pairing : Maruyama Ryuhei/Shibutani Subaru (Baru POV) - with extra implied OhYass
Rating : PG-13. really.
Song : Incomplete by the Backstreet Boys (♥)
Genre : Romance / angst-ish / fluff.
NB : It popped up like that, and at first I didn't really know what was the pairing. I just knew that I was seeing Baru as the main character. It turned out MaruBaru! ♥ Unbeta'ed, mistakes by yours truly.

( - I wake up in an empty bed, and yet I can't bring myself to care. It's just a morning like thousands before, a day like so many more. I get up, I take a breakfast, I shower up, and here I go. Like everyday. With or without you, I have to go on. - )


Title : Night Calls (one-shot)
Pairing : Yokoyama Yuu/Murakami Shingo/Maruyama Ryuhei + Sakurai Sho (OT4 \o/)
Rating : PG-15. for swearing.
Genre : Romance / humor / fluff / crack-ish.
NB : This one is for [info]the Great Bunny Who Knows Everything, because the plot was half her idea. Because YokoMaruHina is pure win, and Sho loves the squirrels the boys. Really. Unbeta'ed, you know who to blame.

( - It's nothing he could have helped, really. Maybe it's his babysitter side which shows up too much, maybe those guys are really kids in need of attention, or maybe it's simply his bad luck. Neither one of those reasons seems good enough, so he just lets go and watches sleepily as his cellphone blinks and vibrates on his side table. - )

Tags: fanwork: fanfiction

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