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[Request&questions] PUZZLE DVD with Rolling Coaster anyone?

I bought B version, so I was wondering if anyone, who has A version, ripped (or would be as kind to rip) the ending with Rolling Coaster. I know that one person did that and posted the links, but she couldn't rip the last 7 minutes and that's where Rolling Coaster is.
I'm dying to see it, so any help would be awesome :)

Also I was wondering about some issues.

1) Who in Kanjani8 smokes?
From what I know Yoko said in one episode of Recomen that he quit and he accused Hina of smelling bad, so Hina probably still smokes. In one of older entries from Subaru's j-web he said that he quit something bad for his health and I assume he might have been referring to smoking. Ohkura said during one of his solo cons that he's trying to quit, but I don't know whether he succeed. I heard that Maru doesn't smoke but I don't know if that's true and I don't know anything about the rest.

2) I've thought about compiling a list with how the boys usually call each other ^^ (I don't mean how they sometimes refer to each other with -san on TV, e.g. location shoots)

Yokoyama Yuu - Yoko (Subaru, Hina), Yokocho (Subaru, Hina, Yasu, Ohkura called him that once), Kimi-kun (Yasu), Yuuchin (Maru), Yokoyama-kun (Ryo, Ohkura)

Shibutani Subaru - Subaru (Yoko, Hina), Shibuyan (Yasu, Hina, Maru), Subaru-kun (Maru?, Ryo, Ohkura)

Murakami Shingo - Hina (all except Maru?), Shin-chan (Maru), Murakami-kun (Yasu, Ohkura)

Maruyama Ryuhei - Maru (all), Maru-chan (Yoko), Ryu-chan (Subaru)

Yasuda Shota - Yasu (all?), Yassan (Ohkura), Sho-chan (Maru), Yasuda (Yoko sometimes), Shota-san (Subaru)

Nishkido Ryo - Ryo (all except Yoko?), Ryo-chan (Ohkura), Dokkun (Yoko), Nishikido (Yoko), Ryo-kun (Subaru)

Ohkura Tadayoshi - Tatsuyoshi (Maru, Hina), Tatsu (Hina), Tacchon (all except Yoko), Ohkura (Yoko, Subaru), Kuranberi/Cranberry/or something like that (Yasu)

That's what I know, any alterations/other nicknames?
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