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T.O. R.N. gifs and RyOkura and Tacchon icons and fanart~

New to the comm, so minna yoroshiku ne~ Not new to Kanjani as I've been a fan for a year and a half now. Hmm...Let's see. First time posting, so I'll try to not go out of the ruled out posting principles~

The RyOkura TORN gifs are on a different post than the icons and art as I did all that just today. The gifs are not that old, just that I wasn't a member of any k8 comm. back then so I uploaded them for eye-candy for my friends. Both posts are not F-locked or will ever be, so feel free to comment over there and visit me anytime I post~ I'll be doing that often.

Ssssooo...preview pics for the gifs
which are here in this post even if it's a month ago~ [irrelevant but we're having daylight savings today, no?]

and, in my last today's post, we have

preview of icons


and one cut for the icons

and one second cut for the art~ No preview pic because it's a surprise~

Now, if anyone has a deviantART account I'd appreciate it if you commented there~

Should I member-lock this? I kept browsing through the rules to see if we have to member-only the posts~
Tags: fanwork: fanart, fanwork: icon, fanwork: other

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