hyuuga_princess (hyuuga_princess) wrote in kanjani8,

More Ohkura gifs, more eito fanart~

Yep. I've been trying to finish this series of gifs since I first downloaded 'Cinderella ni Naritai'

so now I can present you all the gorgeousness of Tacchon acting two-roles-at-once xD In gif mode.

In this post here, which is totally image heavy so not all of them might start moving in the beginning, and you may have to wait for your page to load [depends on your connection and browser I guess. When I view that entry with IE it took a while, but FF loaded fast as usual], you'll find cute and hot and host-like and trash-boy Tacchon [with a green apron, no less!] obsessing over a teddy fallen in a river xD and more. I suppose we all know the story so I'm not saying more~ There is Yoko too, in all his chibi-black-eito-ranger destroyedbymylackofskill glory.

preview pics [resized in here]


thanks in advance~ Again, no preview for the art, surprise~
Tags: fanwork: fanart, fanwork: other

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