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Dont leave Me!!

This is my first post. Sorry for my bad english. I hope you all can undestand it. I'm just being excited. Enjoy reading it. Thank you.

Title:Don't hate me!
Pairing: RyoxUchi, Kanjani8, News, NinoxJun (Arashi), Tackey, Eita

Today is a good day for Ryo. Whatever his doing, his doing greatly without any problem. His phothoshoot, interview and stage play. He give a smile when his sexy eye catch Uchi eye. His smile looking at Uchi walk lazyly come to him. Uchi here because he also got photoshoot with Potato and they come togather with his car.

"Why are you so happy?"
"Just now manager-san call me?"
"Why are you so happy got call from manager-san? Are you fall in love with manager-san?"ask Uchi, teasingly.
"Baka!" Ryo slap Uchi at head. He got mad easyly even he know that Uchi only want to tease him.He want to change this atitude buat he doesnt know how. Thank god Uchi can accept this way behaving of him.

Uchi just sitting quitely without asking anymore. He know Ryo will tell him anyway. Ryo and him made a promise. They will never keep a secret towards each other.
"Why don't you ask me?" ask Ryo. His face show that his sulk.
"Waste my time! I know you will tell me anyway so i'm just waiting for you. I will wait for you forever and I'll alway by your side" said Uchi calmly.
Ryo melt from Uchi words but he act manly. He doesnt want Uchi know that he melting from those words because Uchi will show his proudly smile and face.
"I got three drama offer. Two as double lead and one as supporting acor"
"Wow! That's great! Im happy for you, Ryo-chan" said Uchi loudly and happyly.
"Ooii! You are to loud!" said Ryo angry but still in softly tone.
"It can't help! I just wanna share with everybody here this good news!"
"But its not confirm yet! I still don't know which one i should choose. I still doesn't read those script"
"Its o.k. For sure you will act any one of them. I'm happy for you, Ryo-chan!"
Ryo get shock when suddenly Uchi give him hug. Few second later, he smile. He get touch by Uchi reaction. Slowly he give back his hug, tighly.

Ryo sit politely in front of Nino-kun and Jun kun. Jun-kun is his only good friend among sempai in Jhonny and Nino-kun is actor that he act togather before in Ryusei no Kizuna and it happen those two are in the same group named Arashi.
"I want you take the offer so we can act togather again!" said Nino-kun seriously. His sound like he give an order to Ryo. He drink his bear with his eye on Ryo face.
"Ano... actually i still doesn't read script"
"What?! Why are you so lazy?!" ask Nino-kun angryly. He get wrinkle on his forehead. Its wierd to hear that Ryo still doesn't read script because before, when they act togather in Ryusei no Kizuna, Ryo who the first one burst out about the ending of drama to him.
"No... ano...ano..."
"Nino... you scared him" Jun-kun know that Ryo scared by Nino. He know Ryo well. Ryo get nervous easyly around sempai. Only with him, Ryo can talk easyly and sometime Ryo to daring to spit his poison tounge to him.
"No.. I'm not angry. Well then... I have something to do so I've got to go now. You must take this drama! I'm waiting for you! Jaa..."
Ryo just watch Nino left him and Jun in this restaurant with totally blank in his head. He look at Jun and at the same time Jun look at him with a smile.
"What?" ask Ryo. Jun smile's look wierd in his eye.
"Nothing... just... I think now you got a new fan"
"Who? Nino-kun?" When Jun nodded his head, Ryo laugh deadly till his eye got tears. "Are you kidding me? You look how he treat me? So scary! Like he the boss one..."


"Yeah... I do nothing. I just being lazyly in my room" said Ryo.
"So... we got act togather again after Orthros..."
"Huh? What?"
"What do you mean by 'what'?"
"No... what do you mean by we will act togather again, Takizawa-kun?"
"Are you sure you don't know about this"
"We will act togather again in new drama. This time I'll be your supporting actor"
"Oh, I heard that you still don't accept this offer..."
"Yes. I still consider..."
"Just accept it. I want to act togather with you again and before that let's go out togather.
I'm being tired to get ask by reporter when we want go out togather. You can invite Hina and
Ohkura too or Yamapi too"
"Yes but..."
"Lets broke the record that we make in Othros. Just accept this offer. I'll waiting to act with you again and to go out with you. Give me a call. O.k... jaa" persist Tackey and hung up the line.
"What the heck...!"Ryo get shock when the line broke and he doesn't get a chance to say a words. He put his phone on his sofa and again he got blank.

"Nishikido-kun... finally we will act togather again. This time you will be my supporting actor. We are police and good friend and its become you also a serial killer. What a wonderfull storyline. I wondering how its end" said Eita.
"Yes... I read the script. Its great... I never act as a police and serial killer and I wonder how I will be turn out..." reply Ryo. He and Eita have a dinner in restaurant.
"But I heard you still doesnt accept this offer. Are you still think about it?"
"Don't think it anymore. Just accept it. I always want to act togather with you again since Last Friends. Its great when its finally become a true" said Eita happily.
"Well I think it will be a great drama.... you know, I want to play many role and I really want to try this...but..."
"So what are you waiting for. Just accept this offer and we break the record of Last Friends togather. You know... Ueno Juri also will act togather. Many people from team Last Friends will be in it. Let's be togather again" said Eita when Ryo look like still hesitating.

"What happen to all those peopel?!!!"
"What's a problem?! Why you're shouting like this?! Are you sick?!" ask Uchi worried. He look at Ryo and put his hand at Ryo forehead to test Ryo body tempreture.
"I had a headache!"
"I'll take a madicine for you..."
"No... it will be good if its ok just take a madicine..."
"Are you got a problem"
"Yes... you know I've got three offer..."
"Yes. So which one you choose?"
"That's a problem..."
"Why? Are you still don't know which want you want?"
"Its not like I don't know but..."
"One offer i got to act togather with Nino-kun, one with Tackey and one more with Eita..."
"So..." Uchi doesn't see a problem exist with any three of them to act togather with Ryo-chan because they have act togather before. For him, it will be easy for Ryo-chan because he know Ryo-chan will be bad around strangers. When Ryo-chan act with anyone of them, he should be relief because he can depend on them so what a problem?
"The problem is... the three of them want me to act togather with them. They even give me a warn if I don't accept to act togather with them.You know its impossible for me because I only can accept one drama"
"So you just accept the drama you want to be in" said Uchi
"Its easy to you to say it. If I accept anyone of them, the two of them will be angry or sulking at me... I don't want those happen. Two of them are my sempai and one is my good friend. Its hard for me to choose..."
"Hahahaha....!" Uchi laughing deadly. Its so funny the way Ryo-chan said it. Its like Ryo-chan want to choose a wife.
"Hey, are you think its funny?!" shout Ryo angry.
"No...o.k... I'm sorry" Uchi feel guilty for laughing but it can't help it. The way Ryo-chan said it too funny. "So... what are you plan to do?!"
"I don't know. that's why I having headache!"
"Which one you like it?"
"I don't mean those person but those script!" said Uchi angry. His heart got pain when Ryo chan said Eita name with a smile shiningly.
"Yes, I mean I like the script with Eita in it. Even though its only a supporting actor but I like to try to be a police and a same time as killer. Its like I have split personality. I never done this role.... i kinda want to know how i will turn to be"
"I think it same with character in Last Friend"
"No.. its not. In Last Friends... i'm a DV person. Its to different. Wait a minute... I'm sure you know this. Are you don'y want me to act with Eita? Are you jelous?"
"What are you saying about?!"
"Right... you are jelous!" Ryo smile.
"Just waste my time!" Uchi stand hurry. He don't want to stay any longer. His heart hurt when Ryo-chan doesn't seem understand his feeling. Yes, he jelous!.He doesn't want Ryo-chan act with Eita again. When Ryo-chan act with Eita in Last Friends, Ryo-chan keep telling him about Eita. Eita do this, Eita like this and he feel like he lose Ryo-chan to Eita. Till now Ryo-chan still keep contact with Eita but its seldomly and he feel relief.
"Wait, Uchi!" Ryo hold Uchi hand to stop Uchi from leave him with sulking face. "You know because of you I'll be who i'm now. Honestly... honestly, till now I still want you by my side. I need you to be by my side...." said Ryo shyly. He don't like to say those word but for Uchi, he have to. Compare to those word, he doesn't want Uchi ignore him more.
"Ryo-chan..." Uchi said with teary eyed. He get touch by Ryo-chan words. He never think that he is so meaningfull to Ryo-chan.
"So, don't ever act like that again! Baka!" said Ryo, annoy.
Uchi just smile. As always, Ryo-chan will act tough. "So...you just accept the offer with Eita... don't think it anymore. You just burden your head"
"How about you? And... how about those sempai?"
"Me? What are you mean by me?"
"Are you o.k with it? I mean.... I act togather with Eita again..." ask Ryo. He doesn't want hurt Uchi feeling. For Uchi, he doesn't mind to decline this offer.
"Why? Are you want to decline this offre if im not agree with it?" Uchi answer with question.
"Yeah! Certainly"
Uchi get touch again. Now he can cant stop his face to coverd with his tear.
"Why are you crying? Its not solve my problem, baka!" Ryo said angryly. He know why Uchi crying but he don't like to endure with this situation. He got weak easyly when he saw Uchi crying so he turn his face to his LCD skrin.
"I'm o.k if you want to act with Eita agian" said Uchi with smile. He got used by Ryo-chan
poison tounge.
"If you're worried about Tackey or Ninomiya-kun, I think they will understand. Its not like you'are to good or popular to make they to desprate to having you in those drama. I'm sure the production can find an excellent actor to replace you" said Uchi smiley. Even he got a poison tounge. Its all because of influence he got from Ryo-chan.

  Its two month already since Ryo decline those two offer. Since then he always get bullied by Tackey and Nino-kun. They will make him do anything they want. Sometime they will emberrass him in front of other pupils, sometime he got beaten too. Like yesterday, Nino-kun beat him just becase he forget to buy a new game for him. Till now the bruise on his head still feel pain. Before yesterday, Tackey make him run about ten kilometers to buy a food for him. He intentional make order one by one. Now he got scared go to work. He always pray in his heart so that he can escape from Tackey and Nino-kun but it seem nothing change. They will find a way to catch him. Till now Uchi still doesn't know about this. Ryo keep this secret form Uchi. He doesn't want to make Uchi worried.
"Hey, lets go work! Today you got rehearsal with NewS right?" ask Uchi. He look at Ryo-chan gloomy face being lazy on bed.
"I'm not feeling well today... you just"
"Are you sick? Your face look pale" ask Uchi worried.
"Nothing serius. I just feel dont like to go work today"
"Its not like you. I mean.. you hate doing nothing..."
"I'm just normal o.k. Dont look at me like I'm a machine"
"Its not like that... but what happen to you recently. Its seem like you lost your strength. Is it because you have a workload with fliming drama and concert with NewS now..."
"I've already got used to that. You just dont worry about me"
"What?" ask Ryo when Uchi being quiet for so long.
"Are you keeping secret from me?"
"No, I don't"
"Yes, I am. You worried about nothing!"
"I heard.... you got bullied from Tackey and Nino-kun..."
"Nothing like that happen to me o.k! I've got along with Tackey and Nino-kun. Where you heard this rubbish?" Ryo get nervous. He don't want Uchi know what he being through lately.
"Its spread out in our agency"
"No... they were just talking rubbish. You dont have to worried about this. I am Sexy Osaka Man. Who will dare to bullied me?!" ask Ryo with proudly smile which is fake.
"O.k... I trusted you. So... are you want to go work or not?"
"Please let me off today. I will call a manager-san"
"O.k... I'll go now. Take care" Uchi present a smile for Ryo-chan before he leave.
One minute after Ryo lost his sight for Uchi, he got shock when Uchi suddenly stand in front of him again. "Why are you still here? I thought..."
"I hope you don't lied to me. You know my heart will broke if you're lying to me" said Uchi. He look through in Ryo-chan eyes.
"I will not!" said Ryo, earnestly. 'I'm sorry Uchi, I don't mean to lying to you. I just don't want you worried about me.' Ryo feel guilty in his heart.

"Ryo-chan! Here our great actor coming. Give him a big apploud!" mock Tackey. It happen Hina, Ohkura and Yamapi with him. They just follow Tackey order. They just want to tease Ryo but they doesn't know Tackey intention.
"You all know his guy... he reject to act with me again eventhough I ask him nicely" tell Tackey. He punch Ryo head with his forehand.
"No... Its not like..."
"Are you mean I'm lying?!"ask Tackey. He punch Ryo head with his forehand again.
"No... I dont mean..."
"Just now you said... Do you think I'm deaf?!" Tackey push roughly Ryo head.
"No... Takizawa-kun. You misunderstanding...."
"So you think I'm stupid now. Doesn't understand what are you trying to say..." Tackey push roughly Ryo head again
"No..." Ryo clueless. He know, he got wrong whatever he trying to say. Right now, he feel like want to cry. He looks into Hina, Ohkura and Yamapi eyes, crying for thier help but its seem they don't understand what he trying to say through his eye.
"He just think like that!" Nino enter room.
"No Nino-kun..." Ryo get shock from Nino-kun words.
"He also think I'm not reliable to him. Because of that he also decline to act togather with me even I'm speak nicely with him. Now he so popular so he just look down on us"
"No... I'm never think like this..."
"I heard he say to other thay he really look down on us. What makes me shock more... he even look down on his Kanjani8 members and NewS member. He think he so great being in two group! Lately he also getting more reconigsed from his acting career"
"Is it true Ryo-chan?" ask Ohkura sadly.
"No! Ta-chan, I'm never said like that. Hina... Yamapi... please trust me"
"So you said I'm lying?!"
"No... may be..."
"See... he admit it!"cut Nino.
"I'm dissappointed on you!" said Ohkura and leave ths room. Hina and Yamapi also leave Ryo togather with Tackey. Nino give an evil smile before leaving Ryo alone.
"So... you are not being bullied?!" Ryo get shock when he heard Uchi voice. He turn his face and saw Uchi stand at the door.
"Uchi..." Ryo doesn't have an oppurtunity to explain it when Uchi just walk out. Right now Ryo feel so terribly. He got a teary eyes.

Its a week already since the incident. Every day like a cloudy day for Ryo. Every day he got bullied and mocking by others in the agency. He feel so alone. Kanjani8 members and NewS member ignored him even Uchi also like that. In within a week, Uchi even doesn't coming home. He try hard to tell the truth but its seem they don't wanna trust him. Ryo crying alone. He hate being in this situation. He must solve this problem immediatly. Right now, he only can think one thing. His full of determination.

"I just wanna ask, if anyone of you know why suddenly Nishikido-kun wanna quit this job? He send me a resignation letter yesterday. Anyone of you know about this?" ask Jhonny-san.
All members of Kanjani8 and News in this meeting room. Even Uchi, Ninomiya and Tackey also was there. All of them give a shock look at Jhonny-san. Is it for real?! Is it Ryo really wanna quit? They looks each other with the question in head.
"This is he resignation later!" Jhonny-san show the latter Ryo give to him yesterday. "He said he will fully quit all of job in entertaiment industry after he finish flimming his drama now" said Jhonny-san
"No way!" shouted Yoko Yuu.
"Anyone of you know why he suddenly do this?" ask Jhonny-san.
"Well..." All of them have no idea how to answer it. They just look at each other.
"He doesn't tell you why, Jhonny-san?" ask Nino worried. He feels that Ryo certainly tell the truth to Jhonny-san, thats why he and Tackey also in this meeting room with Ryo groups.
"No... he just said that he getting tired doing all this job" said Jhonny-san.
"Ohh..." Nino relief.
"I heard the rumors... all of you isolate him. Its all because he decline to act with you two, Ninomiya-kun and Takizawa-kun. Is it true?" ask Jhonny-san.
"No way! We are not doing that! We adore him as a junior... ne, Tackey?" Nino looks at Tackey.
"Yes..." answer Tacky with a doubt. Right now he start feeling guilty.
"Uchi-kun... you are the most close with Nishikido-kun. Do you know about it?" ask Jhonny-san. He give his eyes on Uchi.
"No... I don't know" said Uchi half-heartedly.
"Oh, Uchi... before Nishikido-kun leave, he ask me to put you into a kanjani8 and NewS again or at least either one of them. I still thinking about it"
"Ehh..."Uchi never thought Ryo-chan will said this for him. He know Ryo-chan always said want to work with him again in those group but he never take it seriously.Right now he face covered with tears. He feel so guilty. He blame himself for the decision Ryo-chan made. He know Ryo-chan feel so distress lately and as his important person in Ryo-chan life, he not there when Ryo-chan need him. Why must he angry when Ryo-chan not tell him the truth. Ryo-chan have a reason to not tell him. Its all because Ryo-chan doesn't want make him worried. He feel so stupid. Why he only notice that right now. Uchi run out from meeting room. He want to find Ryo-chan.
"All of you please wait!" said Jhonny-san when all of them want to follow Uchi. "I know all of you hide something from me. Actually I've done the investigation and I know all the truth"
"Huh?!" All member of Kanjani8 and NewS were in shock state. Also Nino and Tackey.
"But... I let it be because Nishikido-kun doesnt want me to take any action. He said that he willingly quit this job and its nothing to do with all of you. I hope Nishikido-kun will be your first and last victim. I don't wanna this thing happen again" said Jhonny-san.
"Ano... Jhonny san... are you accept Ryo-chan resignation?" ask Tackey with felling guilty.
"I have no chioce...! If this what Nishikido want... what I can do? He so determine" Jhonny-san leave the meeting room and let them all think about this clearly.
"Actually... Ryo-chan never said what I said before. He never look down on us... and all of you. I just made it..." explain Nino.
"What?! Why you have such a bad mouth?!" ask Yamapi angryly.
"Why you have to do that?! Is it because Dokkun decline to act with you?!" shout Yoko Yuu.
"You are such an evil! I never though you are like this. You make we all hurt Ryo!" said Hina angry. "Stop blaming each other!" shouted Ohkura and Maruyama at the same time.
"Its not the time to blaming each other. We supposed ask forgiveness from Ryo-chan. In order to make him withdraw his resignation back, we suppossed to go to coax him and not waste time here!" said Ohkura.
"Yes... we should go now before its late!" said Tegoshi.

Ryo have a big surpised when he see Uchi and all of his former member in his house. Former member? Yes, they all his former member because now he not in agency anymore. His quit already. He must take himself in reality now. Tackey and Nino also there. He know how they get in. Suddennly he got nervous to see them here. He scared and step behind. He awake when Jun-kun tap gently his shoulder. Actually he and Jun-kun go out for lunch and he invite Jun-kun come into his house for a last before he back to Osaka tonight.
"Ano... ano... why you all here? Uchi... why you didn't come back..." Ryo try to act nothing happen but he felt akward.
"Why you quit? Why you not tell me? Why you didn't come to me?! Why you avoid me, Ryo-chan?! Are you really wanna broke our relationship?" Uchi keep asking without giving chance to Ryo to explain it.
"I'm sorry"
"After all of this... you just said sorry even its not your fault?"
"Hmm... I'm going back Osaka tonight"
"Ryo... are you joking now?" ask Hina.
"No" Ryo looak at Hina but he can feel Uchi eye on his face.
"What are you doing now?! I'm asking you!" shouted Uchi.
"I'm doing nothing! Uchi... I did find you... I wanna tell you what happen to me... I really do need you after what happen but you ignored me. You run from me! You don't know how hard for me going through this alone. I really need you that time but... you not there, Uchi. Its really hurt me... I'm not just waiting for you to come find me but I seacrhing you... at agency... I call you but you didn't answer my phone so I just waiting you at our house... is it not enough?!" ask Ryo angryly with his teary eye.
"I'm sorry, Ryo-chan. Really...i'm sorry..."
"No! Its not your fault but mine! I should say sorry! I should not lying to you. I just don't wanna make you worried about me but I'm wrong! I should tell you what really happen to me. If I know you will punish me like that...I will never keep this as secret. I will tell you what I've been going through"
"Ryo-chan!" Uchi give a hug to Ryo-chan. "I'm sorry. Please forgive me... I promise not let you alone anymore"
"Please...don't ignore me again. Its hurt..."
"Yes... I feel the same too when I ignore you. Its really hurt my feeling when I stop myself from seeing you"
"Yes..." Ryo looking at Hina.
"We're all come here to said... we're sorry. Really sorry for not trusted you... We know the truth now. Nino-kun tell about everything just now so... we're really sorry..." said Hina on behalf Kanjani8 member.
"We're sorry too Ryo-can" said Yamapi on behalf NewS member.
"No... its o.k. Its just misunderstanding..."
"Ryo-chan i should say sorry for starting this. I should not bad mouthing about you..." said Nino.
"Yeah... me too. I also should not bullied you. I'm sorry" add Tackey.
"Its'o.k... it's past already so let's forget about it" Ryo feel relief. Its over now, so he can quit happily. "So you're not going quit, aren't you?" ask Maruyama.
"No... i quit already. I pass my resignation latter yesterday and Jhonny-san accept it"
"But you can take it back!" said Ohkura.
"Well... i think its a best way for me. I'm really tired doing all this... I wanna have a good rest..."
"But it doesn't mean you have to quit, Ryo"say Hina.
"Ryo-chan... are you still having grudge at we all...?" Nino asking with his eye on Ryo face.
"No... its not like that"cut Ryo.
"So... prove it, Ryo-chan. Take back your resignation letter from Jhonny-san" said Maruyama. All of them noded. Agreed.
"Dokkun.... I said it before. I know its hard for Kanjani8 won you because NewS is elite group but we still doesn't wanna loose you becase you're our shining in group. Without you Kanjani8 will be nothing" said Yoko Yuu.
"Ryo-chan... I know you dont wanna quit right? You do this because you're to stress. I know you love this job... and your fan.." said Uchi
"Uchi..." Ryo clueless. He doesn't know what to do now.
"If you still wanna quit and go back to Osaka, I quit too and followed you. We back to Osaka and open a Ramen store" suggest Uchi being random.
"What?!" Uchi get shock. The others also get shock. "Are you serious?!" ask Uchi.
"Why? You o.k with it, isn't it?" ask Ryo. He smile cunningly.
"Yeah... but..." Uchi clueless.
"I'm just joking!" laugh Ryo.
"You!" Uchi's get mad.
"I'll try it" said Ryo suddenly.
"No... you don't have to try. I already take back you resignation letter" Uchi show a resignation letter he ask from Jhonny-san. He smiling proudly.
"Uchi..." Ryo clueless. He got teary eyes. He really get touching what Uchi doing for him. "Thanks Uchi" Ryo give Uchi a hug.
"Don't ever think to leave me!" warn Uchi.
"I promise..."swear Ryo.
"Ohh no... we don't come here to see your rabu-rabu" said Yoko Yuu jokingly. All af them laugh happily and feel relief.


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