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Community/Subbing Release Updates November 2009

Sorry for the slight delay! Here are the latest updates for the past month!

Join these new communities!:

yokodiary: Daily Yoko Jweb translation community with something special thrown in.

jefl: Where Johnny's funny lists are posted.

aramatheydidnt: Japanese version of ohnotheydidnt -- bringing you the latest Japanese entertainment news.

o_e_subs Updates: *Posts are locked. Follow the directions in red in this post to join.

October Eito releases:
0365. Imai Tsubasa - D&R DVD - Yumemonogatari with Subaru
0371. Eito - Puzzle DVD - Hina Dokkiri

Please comment here if you want to share your subbing updates next month and here to advertise your new community.


Membership has been lifted off of moderation and posting will be lifted off of moderation soon as well. Sorry again for any inconvenience this may have caused!
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