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Yokoyama Yu no Nikki vol. 209 (09.11.14)

I don't usually translate J-webs (or anything that isn't song lyrics XDD) but I felt really touched reading this tonight so I decided to do a [slightly rough] translation. It's past 1 am and I'm sleepy so please forgive any mistakes. XD

Hello, it's Yokoyama Yu. (stars)

Since I wrote about my younger brother yesterday, today I'll try writing about my mom. (stars)

My mom is a major worrier. (stars)

She'll call immediately and ask, "are you all right?" (stars)

Then I act tough and say, "I'm fine," somewhat strongly. (down arrow)

I wrote the lyrics to the song "Onigishi." (cloud) It's about how even though I've become an adult, I'll always be a child to my mom. (stars)

Since my mom knows I act tough, maybe that's why she worries about me!!

This is a story from when I was around 5 years old. (clouds)

I remember this clearly even now. (stars)

Because my mom was working at that time, I stayed at my mom's friend's house. (hand)

At that time, even if my mom asked, "will you be okay?" (cloud)

I'd insist, "I'm totally fine" (stars)

But I truly was lonely. (hand)

After my mom would leave, I would sob. (peace sign)

I remember crying like crazy. (stars)

My mom definitely knows that. (down arrow)

My mom turned 50 this year. (hand)

I want her to always be well and be a bit of a silly mom. (stars)

Doron. (running man)
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