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JE fan Meeting Romania

Sooo.... I am back!
For the second half of December (the 19th) we are planning another J-pop fan meeting! Yey!
But this time it will be a sleep-over one, since it will be a J-pop Pijama Party!
We are planning to watch the most awaited 2 concerts this year (Kat-Tun and NewS), have a karaoke session and a loooot of surprises!
There will also be a fan- fiction contest (I am hoping this time with participants) and the winners will get their fan- fiction turned into a doujinshi manga that will be presented at one of the future displays of the J-pop corner (or more). But more details about this later on.
I will have to ask you to let me know if you are interested in joining the meeting so that I make the necessary preparations for the place and equipment. Hopefully more of you will be able to make it to the meeting this time and we will have a lot more fun!

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