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Ariehen Sekai 2-hour SP

Airs Thursday, Dec 17th at 8pm on TV Tokyo. A first in primetime slot!

Check out a special two-hour special episode of the mystery-solving variety show Ariehen Sekai. This week, hosts Shingo Murakami, Shota Yasuda and Ryuhei Maruyama of boy band Kanjani 8 present the 30 most incredible, shocking—and underreported—“news” items from 2009. Topics include transgender couples; the trend of sexually aggressive women who initiate gyaku, or “backwards” nampa, where the girls try to pick up guys; and the apparent rise in plastic surgery rates among salarymen who want to increase their sales. The highlight comes when the guys spend a day in Macau vacationing with billionaire tycoon Koji Aoyama (pictured), the “Ferrari Prince” who owns a whopping 12 of the high-class vehicles.

Note: Ryo will also guest.

Source: http://metropolis.co.jp/multimedia/television/terebi/ariehen-sekai/
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