sharesubs (sharesubs) wrote in kanjani8,

Asking for help :)


Well, as you can see, I can't bring you the subs today u_u This project is something my friend and I wanted to do ot our own pace but personal life is kicking us, especially me, quite hard. These exams are very important and decisive for me so I have to give the best of me so...

Since we don't want to drop the project at all, ans since I feel bad that because of my total lack of time I couldn't keep the subbing going, I'm asking here for some help. Is there anyone here interested in doing the subbing and timing part? My friend is still translating but I really don't have enough time to sub u_u It should be someone that knows a bit about the programs and all, so if you want and can, please leave a message here with your email and I'll contact you with the details :)

Thank you so much in advance and I'm really sorry about this u_u
Tags: !: question

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