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Project #johnnyscountdown

Hi fandom!
I've noticed that there are a lot of Korean trending topics on Twitter right now,so I was thinking, why not do one for #johnnyscountdown ?

The countdown is airing at 11.45 pm in Japan, let's start tweeting at 10pm Japan time on the 31st of December!
You can convert Japan time to your time here :

Note :
# All tweets must be unlocked for them to count, so please make your tweets public or unprotected!
# Don't spam! You don't need to keep typing #johnnyscountdown in one tweet.
# If there's a trending topic we're trying to beat, do not put the topic in your tweet.
E.g #nowplaying is above #eggplant. However, don't type #nowplaying if not it will contribute to #nowplaying's tweets.

I know some other Johnnys groups are participating in Kohaku or their own concert during the countdown, but let's all work together to make #johnnyscountdown number 1!
I'm sure with the whole fandom participating we can get number 1 on the trending topics!
So please spread the word, and don't forget to tweet!

x-posted to a lot of other comms, sorry!
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