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we decided that we should spread this around,
so that we can boycott the website.
i think this is TOTALLY DESPICABLE,
because imagine all the hard work put in by the subbing teams, admist juggling their work or studies,
and such people just earns profits from others' hard work.
shame on them!

original post by5um1r3 </span> :

I saw this site at Multiply that ILLEGALLY sells subbed dramas

illegal because the seller do not own the subs, which means she/he breaks the rule of making profit out of someone else's hardwork. I actually don't know if she/he's a fangirl. but I felt bad when I saw this that's why I'm telling everyone about this.

please tell her to stop selling dramas for her own sake.

Please help protect the fandom, and stop such DESPICABLE ACTS by boycotting this site. If possible, please help spread the news to others to boycott this as well. Let's protect the interests of the subbing teams who worked so hard to sub all those videos!

mods, i'm not sure whether i tagged this correctly. sorry if i didn't.

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