Sylvia (rheasilvia) wrote in kanjani8,

Eito jweb entries in English

Does anyone know where to find translations of the Eito's jweb entries? I know of one livejournal which translates Ryo's entries, but don't know where to start looking for the others...

I was specifically looking for a recent entry by Yoko, in which he mentioned Junno calling him after KAT-TUN's appearance on SMAPxSMAP. I have no idea where I saw it, but I'd really like to find it again! If anyone knows anything about it, I'd be very grateful for a pointer. :-)

Thank you for your help!

You are all wonderful, and so fast! For future reference, here's a list of the Eito's j-web translation journals. Hina seems to talk about soccer too much to be regularly translated... *g*

The Eito J-Web Translation Collection on LJ
Yoko: yokodiary
Subaru: baru_says
Maru: daisetsuna_hi
Okura: okura_tadayoshi
Yasu: shiawase_shota
Ryo: ryo_watch

YASUBA, Yasu and Subaru:
Tags: !: question, j-web

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