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I'm wishing of snow white ^^

Another rendition work fromhachi_n_theband . This time, we're back with another piano rendition! Based on this poll, majority vote for "Snow White" to be played on piano. Please enjoy, Snow White on PIano.

Mistakes notes are inevitable, sorry for that. Our pianist still need to practice more.
But wait, not only Snow White. We also have I Wish, Shin Domoto Kyoudai version. The tempo is little bit slow with different kind of rhythm. Again, mistakes here and there. Sorry...

That's all for this time. We hope our work in hachi_n_theband  will bring smile to all eighters out there <3<3
Thinking back, Eito is just wonderful. Their creativity inspire us to be creative also, and do something different.

Enjoy, and if you like it, or hate it, or have something to say, just put your comment here.

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