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a very random question...

ello fellow eighters! ^-^
this has been plaguing me for a few weeks now, does anyone have a subbed version of this clip, or could be very awsome and transtlate it? its a short clip, i could catch some of the words but didnt get them all. i just find it really hilarious just by the way they are talking alone but it would be nice to know what they are saying xD

anyone who could help me would be insanely cool and ill reward you by making a desktop {if you havent seen mine, go to my journal] for your efforts :]
arigatou gozimasu!

EDIT: question answered! wow, that was a quick answer to that lol thank you all for helping me out. anyone wanting a desktop let me know and ill make ya one :D
you can pick the picture, or at least let me know who you would like it to be of.
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