hachi_n_theband (hachi_n_theband) wrote in kanjani8,

Kanjani8 Songs Chord Batch

Dear Eighters,

hachi_n_theband  is spamming your page again. Nope, it's not piano rendition, nor acoustic rendition, nor cosplay photo, but Kanjani8 songs chords. Yes, chords! So all eighters can play and sing along with eito songs.

Please check the chords, and if you wonder how the chords will turn out to be, check our rendition video.

Glorious ) ( video )
( Rolling Coaster ) ( video )
( Kawaita Hana  ) ( video )
( Zukkoke Otokomichi ) ( video )
( Brilliant Blue ) ( video )
( KyuuJyouShow ) ( video )

Since we spent quite a time doing this, a word  or two for comments are highly appreciated <3<3
And please, no sheet music request.

Happy playing <3<3<3
Tags: fanwork: other

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