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We have a new scanner.
I have just received several picture sets from the Eito boys. ♥

What else is a girl to do but share the wealth, right?

So: I have scanned my pictures - each photo set contained four pictures, and they were Very Pretty Indeed.
Because I have never scanned anything before (unless you count photocopying a document or two, which I don't), I used the ridiculously high resolution of 600dpi, after which I played around with the levels/colours in Photoshop to get them as perfect as I could. Combine that with saving them at the highest quality, and you have 4-6mb pictures. :D;
Uhm, except for three of Subaru's pictures. Those are 200dpi, but I was planning to re-scan them later on - provided there is an interest, of course.


And here are the links:
I have made rar-files for each of the photosets, all of which are uploaded to Sendspace.

Maru - 18.6mb
Ohkura - 14.6mb
Subaru - 6.4mb ( <- has the three small-ish scans!) New version in this post
Yasu - 15.1mb

Comments would be lovely~

PS: I also (re)uploaded Yasu and Maru's appearance on a-ha-N for paaaaan's translation, here. This and other download links can be found at my LJ, in this post.
And while I'm pimping: I finally found another of my missing honjanis - the 21st episode from 2003-08-19, their first attempt at Ping Pong. Download it from my CB at this link. :D
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