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[fanart] eito drawings

Recently, [in the last 6 months] my little brother has started drawing more steadily. When I have to take care of him while everyone else is out of the house, we usually either watch my eito DVDs or listen to eito songs and draw. Last time we sat down together and drew with colour pencils, we did a small and a big one.


In the first one, I did the outline and everything black, and coloured the Eito-kuns all around. The one with the color straps too. Then we colored the background together.  In the second one, we drew his name and he colored the inside, made the heart together, I drew the outline of YaSuba and RyOhkura and he colored in. The rest are from after finishing, when he was left alone to draw and drew "fireworks" XD

He turned 3 yesterday, and already knows the lyrics to Sukiyanen Osaka, Datte Idol Damon, Oh!Enka, Wahaha, Torn, Musekinin Hero, Naniwa Iroha Bushi and Zukkoke Otokomichi by heart <3 I have recorded him singing eito songs and he can sing parts of Misetekure, All of me for You, Kanashii Koi, It's my Soul, Heavenly Psycho, Kanfuu Fighting, Watashi Kagami, MAGIC WORD and Do You Agree. If my mom allows it, I'll probably upload my recordings~
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