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[one-shots] Update of the last things I've written...

(from the most recent to the less recent)


Title : Hina's Birthday : Eitos to Sell, Cosplay included (one-shot)
Pairing : Yokoyama Yuu / Murakami Shingo - with hints of other pairings(?) if you squint a bit.
Rating : PG-15. i lack of smut those days.
Genre : Crack / romance / humour.
NB : First version of my fic about Hina's birthday party! This one had been written BEFORE the RECOMEN got aired, so it's not happening the same way that it did.

( - Hina's Birthday Version 1 : Eitos to Sell, Cosplay included (purely fictive way) - )


Title : Hina's Birthday : Ticking Hours (one-shot)
Pairing : Yokoyama Yuu / Murakami Shingo - with hints of MaruKura and other pairings if you squint a bit.
Rating : PG-16. IDK?
Genre : Crack / romance / humour.
NB : Second version of my fic about Hina's birthday party! This one had been written AFTER the RECOMEN got aired. In this one I followed the event like described by Yoko & Baru.

( - Hina's Birthday Version 2 : Ticking Hours (more realistic way) - )


Title : 安靜了- An Jing Le (one-shot)
Pairing : easy to guess! (♥)
Other Characters : Kanjani8 and Aiba Masaki.
Rating : PG-13-ish. uh, angst.
Genre : Angst / kinda romance?
NB : Oh. My. God. I wrote angst. Not sure how it turned out, but at least it has an happy ending! *sighs in relief*

( - Subaru tells him that it will be okay, and he laughs and replies that of course it will, but inside he's aching to believe his friend. - )


Title : Ai Qing Yogurt (one-shot)
Pairing : Maruyama Ryuhei / Yasuda Shota (♥)
Rating : PG-ish. it's rather nice, i swear.
Genre : Romance / humor / fluff.
NB : This one gave me troubles, my inspiration was running away everytime, so yeah, it's short.

( - He couldn't help but feel irritated, and yet he found Maru so cute when being this capricious. And even more when he was pouting, exactly the way he was currently doing it. - )


Title : 時空 ~ Spacetime (one-shot)
Characters : Sakurai Sho, puppy!Yokoyama Yuu, puppy!Murakami Shingo, puppy!Maruyama Ryuhei. did i mention it was a puppy AU?
Rating : G. eheheeh.
Genre : Alternate Universe / fluff.
NB : It's done, finally!!! I started writing this (from bunny_d_kate's original ideas) like FOUR freaking months ago, so it was about time I got it finished! There will be one (or more) sequel, but at least this part is done.

( - This story begins like all the stories in the world, with a hero. Well, Sho is not really a hero, at least not in the radical term. Sho is just a human being like you and me, living in the big town of Tokyo. - )


Title : The Plan (one-shot)
Pairing : various, implying MaruBaru, OhYass, YokoRyo, Subassan, MaruRyo, YokoHina, YokoYasu, MaruHina, HinaChon, etc...
Other Characters : mention of Sakurai Sho and Ohno Satoshi.
Rating : NC-17. because it's... well, weird. and I fail at writing Eitos without smut.
Genre : Crack / kinda-smut / did I mention the crack?
NB : I wrote it a while ago for encoded_panties, but maybe some of you will like it as well! It's very silly and weird, you've been warned! XD

( - What he didn't see, though, is the glance Yoko and Ryo shared. Because then he would have run out of the country for his life. But if he did there would be no point in telling this story, right? - )


...wow, that's a lot! XD
Tags: fanwork: fanfiction

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