Micchi (ohryouchipi) wrote in kanjani8,

fanfic : Let's vote Hime-chan!

Tittle : Let's vote Hime-chan!
Author : micchi
Pairing : none
Characters : kanjani8 (8 nin)
genre : not sure, trying to make crack but i think i'm failed
words : 1597
disclaimer : i wish i can bought them
summary : just eito's stupid conversation after reading nikkansport nomination list.
warning : gramatical error and un-betaed.

A/N sorry for lame story, but again i cant help not to write it when i read the nominators name, and since all day i just watching eito, that's why i make this fic. it's really nice imagine eito mocking ryo. but i think i'm failed at the conversation. but i wish you all can enjoy it.
The words in italic are ryo's thought.

“Ne, ne, what do you think, we should vote hiro-chan or ryo-chan?”
Tags: fanwork: fanfiction

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