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Janiben 09.01.2008 picspam..

Guest: Kanemura Yoshiaki

What do you think is the reason why Ohkura Tadayoshi aka Green Ranger is cursing on his own?..

I just wanted to share this picspam i made..XD

For those who haven't watched this episode, it's all about Kanemura's favorite food. Food tasting and stuff but of course, it won't be interesting if the Eito wouldn't sweat it out just to get it..^^

They have to answer some questions and the one who guessed it right has the privilege to eat..XD sad though, our beloved Green Ranger wasn't able to get any correct answer.. and Eito won't be Eito without bullying.. so here's a picspam of it..

Subaru's evil mode.. Tempting Ohkura..XD

Plus the combined power of Subaru, Yasu *Sadist* and Yoko *the schemer*..XDD

[What is Ohkura doing???] He's trying to steal some rice~!XD

Hina caught him~

Ohkura tries to bluff..

Ohkura desperately tries to eat the rice..

Subaru reprimanded Ohkura by saying: o kome dorobo desu ka? [ you're a rice theif aren't you?]

and then i almost rolled out of my bed laughing..XDD i definitely recommend to watch this..XD
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