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Janiben 100428 (Guest: Shiho) Nishikido Ryo mini pcspam

Janiben 100428 Guest: Shiho

The show was interesting. The topic varies from deep breathing through the nose, exercise that also stimulate the brain and Shiho-san's butt fetish~XD

anyway, this picspam made my day...XD LOL... I just want to emphasize Ryo's pervertness..XDDD

This was the part where Shiho-san demonstrated the T-balance. It seems very hard. And of course, since its a variety show, Eito have to give it a try.

Here, Hina asked Ryo to give it a try but our dear Ryo-chan immediately said that he can't. [Without even trying... If Ryo doesn't want to do something,he would really say it straight..]

Not giving up, Hina and Yoko tried to convince Ryo by saying, "if you fall down, you'll be able to touch her..."

[now, look closely at the next picspam...]

[was it just me? or did Ryo-chan's eyes sparkles on the word "touch"???XDD LOL]

[Okay Ryo... Nice... are you already imagining the taste???XD]

overflowing with ero-*cough* energy... Ryo jumped off the couch, not realizing that he already massacred his lapel mic...XD

Without wasting any second, Ryo immediately attached his mic...XD

"yoroshiku onegaishimasu!" was the line Ryo said before ethusiastically jumping onto the T-balance...XD

Well, the "schemer" Yoko, plus Hina-mama was into the "touch" conspiracy that they told Shiho-san to "support" Ryo...XD [LOL.. support...]

[now, Ryo-chan... where are your eyes at????XDDD]

Hina-mama, even though he was the proprietor of the "touch" conspiracy, couldn't take Ryo's too much pervertness that he did the classic "hit the head" move...XDD [that's got to hurt... poor ryo-chan...]

Ryo-chan was all smiles~XDD such a perverted boy..XDD

[he did managed to get the task done... but the picspam of the "successful balancing" turned a bit blurry... so i decided to skip it..XDD there's no pervy-ness there anyway.. haha!]

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