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Picspams Ryo-chan in concert part 2

hai hai hai minna, i am come back again, ehehehe ^_____^

now, i will share Ryo-chan in eito concerts picspam Part 2!!!
thank you for your wonderful comments in picspam Ryo-chan in eito concerts Part 1, i am truly happy and appreciate that (. ^ ____________ ^.)/

oh, minna, i have a little problem about which picspams that i will post here later, so i wanna ask you to tell me which picspam that you want me to post. i made list of the picspam here, please take a look and write your choose in the comment of Ryo-chan in eito concerts picspam Part 2 too, nee, but don't forget to tell me the reasons why you choose that, okay (. ^ ____~.)/

you can grab the pics and see the list here:
pics here ~ )

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