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08 June 2010 @ 08:38 pm
Community/Subbing Release Updates June 2010  
Here are the latest releases!

Check out these new communities:

kanjani8_quotes: A collection of Kanjani8 quotes.

youtachi_macros: Macros featuring JE members.

ryogifaday: A daily Nishikido Ryo gif community.

*Posts are locked. Follow the directions in red in this post to join.

May Eito Releases:
0460. 100428 Janiben - exercise/butt cuts (guest: SHIHO)
0461. 100505 Ahoyanen, Sukiyanen SP (San.ninja cut - singing KinKi and Eito)

Please comment here if you want to share your subbing updates next month and here to advertise your new community.