mari-chan <3 (kipani_mariko) wrote in kanjani8,
mari-chan <3

Hey Hey Hey appearance

Just saw Heyx3 and thought I'd share how the show went if anyone was interested-

They had rankings on the most desirable boyfriend within Eito and this is how they were announced:


5) Subaru
4) Maru
3) Ohkura

And then they were waiting to announce who got top 2 and bottom 2.

And then the final rankings were...

7) Yoko
6) Yasu
2) Hina
1) Ryo

So basically it went Yoko, Yasu, Subaru, Maru, Ohkura, Hina, and Ryo as the top choice. Then they performed Wonderful World and that was pretty much it. LOL

Also in the Mei Kyoku part of Heyx3 where they air old songs, they were talking about famous songs from 1980 and they showed the Subaru song ;D
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