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Just Fanfic~

My First time posting an entry to group...~

Ah; Here just a fic for Yoko/Hina... Sankyuu

Title: Be Your Mama -OneShot-
Pairing: Yoko♥Hina
Rating: PG-13/T (soooo safe ^^)
Genre: Friendship, Angst
Summary: Yoko lost his dead; Hina always be there beside him. But how with now when he lost his mommy?

Disclaimer: They're JOHNNY'S, not MINE. If you want, come and claim them! I won't mind as long as many people love it~ >w<

Author's Note: My special fic for Yoko's mom! Be strong Yoko! I've tried my best to make this fic and make this fic as close as possible to the reality!
(except the Yoko/Hina for sure~) kyaaa, i hope them really loved each others!


Also, do someone have a video about Yoko being Hypnotized? I search it over Youtube but it seems they have removed it... But i really really wanna watch it so badly... Some one help me!!~!

And, I do some Kanjani8 wallpaper and icon right now, so if anyone would like to request me something (e.x: character XXX with background XX or chara YYY and DDD with background TTT color) maybe I could do it and post them together... Feel free to request~ I'm in mood to do image editing anyway

Thanks for everythiiiiiiiiing! (>w<)///
Tags: !: question, fanwork: fanfiction

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