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Picspam Chibi Sanbaka (Yoko, Baru and Hina)

hey hey hey, minna (. ^________________^ .)v
i am so happy today~
now, i want to share you the fifth vote of picspam that you vote the most : Picspam of Chibi Sanbaka (. ^ O ^ .)/
the trio always together since their chibi times until now. i love them!!!! this pics can tell us that they could be so cute when they were chibi too >w<

let's see and grab if you want but ups don't forget to comment, nee

sanbaka here~ )

oh, and this is the list of picspam that i had posted so far. let's see and grab if you want if you somehow missed any of them ^^ and comment are always loveeeeed~

clicky here~ )
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